WhatIsMyIPAddress.com to Show Visitors IPv6 Addresses as ISPs, Business Prepare to Convert


WhatIsMyIPAddress.com announced today that it is ready to show its website visitors if they are connecting to the Internet using the new "IPv6" IP address format.

People from around the world visit WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, an IP-lookup site, to check their IP address. A person's unique and active IP address is linked primarily to whatever network he or she is connected to, not simply to the computer they are using.

Until now, every IP address displayed on the website was the IPv4 "dotted decimal" version—four sections of numbers separated by three dots, such as That's all about to change. The sudden interest around the new IPv6 address is major technology news since official Internet institutions have announced there were no more IPv4 addresses to allocate to organizations.

On July 1, 2015, WhatIsMyIPAddress.com started displaying IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses to visitors. Someone will see an IPv6-type address if their Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Time Warner, etc.) is using the new addressing protocol. Many ISPs have yet to fully support IPv6.

"All the IPv4 addresses in North America are gone," said Chris Parker, President of CGP Holdings, which owns WhatIsMyIPAddress.com. "ARIN (the American Registry for Internet Numbers) just made that announcement. So, the only type of IP block allocations that will be available to everyone moving forward will be IPv6."

Parker said he started taking steps to display IPv6 addresses on WhatIsMyIPAddress.com in March of this year and added that most computer users don't need to worry about their IP address. "IPv4 isn't going to go away for a long time and people will still be able to connect to the Internet using it," he said.

Parker encourages everyone to visit WhatIsMyIPAddress.com to see if their Internet connection supports IPv6. In addition to showing website visitors their unique IP address, WhatIsMyIPAddress.com also offers free IP address-related tools that any website visitor can use.


WhatIsMyIPAddress.com was created in 2000 to make it easy for anyone to find their IP address instantly whenever they are online. The website also provides consumer-friendly information on computers, networking and Internet-related topics to help people stay connected, informed and safe online.